Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday's Soccer Tryouts (Day2)

On Tuesday what we did was we did were first as always we start running 3 laps and stretch before we play and

Friday, December 6, 2019

Last Day Of Tryouts

This was the last day that we went and he was gonna say in what team we were in but he said until monday so we have to wait until monday to see what team we are in. There is 3 teams at adamson, Jv2, Jv 1, and varsity. Varsity are the best one but all three of the teams are good. So yea I made the team but i don't know in which one so hopefully is in Jv at least

Thursday's Soccer Tryouts ( Day 4)

Thursday we did the same but we played with varsity (the best soccer team at Adamson). When I asked for the ball the wouldn't pass it to me because they didn't know me but I did good for being my first year playing in a team at school. At the end of the game he told us who was in the team and who wasn't. When we were getting chosen I got so nervous because i thought I wasn't going to get chosen. He pointed at me and said I was in and i got really happy. So that was that and we went home. Honestly I thought I wasn't gonna get chosen but i did so that's good

Wensday's Tryouts (Day 3)

So on wensday we started running as always but after we finished we started a game in half field with the people that tried out to play which was fun because it wasnt as hard because they were good but not as much as if we wouldve played with varsity which is the best team and are really good. At the end he told us who will be cut off and can keep coming to practices. So that was it we finished and went home.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Monday's Soccer Tryouts

On Monday we had tryouts for the Adamson soccer team. Everybody hangs around for like 10 minutes then after the time ends we have to run 3 laps around the field. Then we start stretching so that we don't get injured when we are playing. What we did in the tryouts were passes from one player to another and we did that for about 20 minutes. After passes what we did where headers while switching with other 2 people on your side for about 20 as well . After we finished we huddled up with the 3 coaches and he told us about how he wanted to choose the people and how many spots there was. At the end we did the group huddle and went home.